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Marie-Christine Heinze | Adnan Tabatabai

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Marie-Christine Heinze

Quoted in “How a tough UN resolution is making push for Yemen peace talks harder” (09.04.2018 – CS Monitor)

Quoted in “Yemen crisis: Does Saudi largess square with military campaign?” (02.04.2018 – CS Monitor)

“The crisis in Yemen. The primacy of stability over real change” (30.01.2015 –

“The triumphant advance of the Houthi rebels” (24.09.2014 –

“Between transition and stagnation. Federalism and state-building in Yemen” (23.05.2014 –

Adnan Tabatabai

Panel Discussion “The art of keeping a deal: Can Europe save the JCPOA?” (28.03.2018, SIPRI)

TV Interview on Iran Protests (01.01.2018, BBC World)

TV Interview (follow-up) on Iran Protests (31.12.2017, CNN)

TV Interview on Iran Protests (31.12.2017, CNN)

The Logic Behind Iran’s Regional Posture (12.12.2017, LobeLog)

TV Interview on Lebanon Crisis (11.11.2017, DW English)

TV Interview: Trump hints at decertifying the Iran deal (12.10.2017, DW)

Rouhani’s Challenge to Form His New Cabinet (04.08.2017, LobeLog)

Radio Interview on outcome of Iran’s Elections (20.05.2017, BBC Newshour)

TV Interview: Iran’s Presidential Vote (18.05.2017, DW)

Radio Discussion: “Iran Voting for Change?” (12.05.2017, BBC Newshour)

Why Iran-US war of words won’t turn phyiscal (09.02.2017, Al-Monitor)

Interview: Will Rafsanjani’s Death Shake Up Iran Politics? (11.01.2017, Zenith)

2017 Uncertainties Require a New Mideast Security Structure (23.12.2016, LobeLog)

TV Interview on election of Donald Trump and the future of the Nuclear Deal (21.11.2016, CNN International)

Iran’s Regional Policy: Decision Making Process, Goals, Areas of Cooperation (October 2016, ORIENT IV)

Briefing on Iran-Iraq relations at the European Parliament in Strasbourg (11.05.2016 – EP Website)

TV Debate: Is a new political era beginning in Iran? (02.03.2016 – AlJazeera)

Why Tehran Matters so much in Iranian Politics (29.02.2016 – AlMonitor)

TV interview on occasion of Iran-Saudi Arabia visit of German Foreign Minister (05.02.2016 – DW)

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