Enhancing Women’s Role in Peace and Security

In cooperation with Saferworld and the Yemen Polling Center, CARPO is currently implementing the research project ‘Enhancing Women’s Role in Peace and Security’ in Yemen. The aim of the research, which is led by CARPO as the main applicant and which is funded by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research, is to provide sound knowledge on issues around women and peace-building in Yemen during conflict (including impact of the conflict on women; services and support in the community; role of women in conflict; etc.); on local actors, such as women, who are active in their communities; and on opportunities and obstacles for women to play a role in peace-building. The results of this research will feed into a larger EU-funded project on women and peace-building in Yemen implemented by Saferworld.

Project duration: July 2016–May 2017

Project partners:
Yemen Polling Center


Saferworld 1

Women’s role in peace and security in Yemen. Literature Review

by Marie-Christine Heinze

This literature review provides an overview of women’s interactions with peacebuilding efforts in Yemen, in view to informing current strategies on how to enhance their role. In doing so, it considers questions in regard to women’s political participation in the past; the impact of conflict on women’s lives; the social norms governing women’s activism; and examples of women’s involvement in peacebuilding processes.


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