We are convinced that sustainable people-to-people relations are key to improving relations between Europe and the Orient. By generating exchange platforms for stakeholders to interact, gates for political, intercultural and inter-societal dialogue are opened. Citizen-oriented development – particularly in conflict-prone contexts – can only be fostered effectively by engaging societies and by enabling their participation in shaping the future of their countries.

CARPO offers to design exchange projects that connect influential actors such as policy-makers, academics and intellectuals, artists, religious figures, musicians or activists from different countries and regions in order to explore potential grounds for cooperation.

Our experienced project managers design, implement and post-process projects for

  • policy-makers, ministries, and public authorities
  • non-governmental organisations
  • academics, research institutions, and universities
  • journalists and public intellectuals
  • entrepreneurs and business organisations
  • syndicates and unions
  • diaspora communities
  • artists and (youth) activists

in the fields of

  • track II diplomacy
  • economic development and cooperation
  • academic development and cooperation
  • intercultural dialogue and interfaith dialogue
  • political education
  • arts, culture, and sports
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