CARPO brings together a network of researchers with distinguished expertise on countries of the Orient. We are well connected with researchers and research institutions in the region and familiar with pertinent fields of study. Through continuous presence in international workshops and conferences, our researchers follow and shape the global academic discourse on the region in various disciplines.

CARPO offers to establish channels for academic exchange and knowledge transfer between researchers from the region and Europe by organizing conferences and workshops as well as initiatives and working sessions for joint publications.

Our researchers offer studies on the following fields:

  • political transformation
  • international relations and regional politics
  • public diplomacy
  • migration and refugees
  • diaspora and diaspora politics
  • intercultural dynamics
  • historical backgrounds and collective memory
  • transitional justice
  • state-society relations
  • civil-military relations and security studies
  • rule of law
  • political economy
  • identifications and mobilization: religion, ethnicity, and gender
  • civil society and societal politics
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