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Marie-Christine Heinze | Adnan Tabatabai

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Marie-Christine Heinze

Quoted in “How a tough UN resolution is making push for Yemen peace talks harder” (09.04.2018 – CS Monitor)

Quoted in “Yemen crisis: Does Saudi largess square with military campaign?” (02.04.2018 – CS Monitor)

“The crisis in Yemen. The primacy of stability over real change” (30.01.2015 –

“The triumphant advance of the Houthi rebels” (24.09.2014 –

“Between transition and stagnation. Federalism and state-building in Yemen” (23.05.2014 –

Adnan Tabatabai

TV Interview on US withdrawal from JCPOA (23.04.2018, France24)

What it will take to keep the deal alive (22.05.2018, The Progressive Post)

Quoted in “Iran defiant as Trump poised to make nuclear deal decision” (08.05.2018 – AlJazeera)

Panel Discussion “The art of keeping a deal: Can Europe save the JCPOA?” (28.03.2018, SIPRI)

TV Interview on Iran Protests (01.01.2018, BBC World)

TV Interview (follow-up) on Iran Protests (31.12.2017, CNN)

TV Interview on Iran Protests (31.12.2017, CNN)

The Logic Behind Iran’s Regional Posture (12.12.2017, LobeLog)

TV Interview on Lebanon Crisis (11.11.2017, DW English)

TV Interview: Trump hints at decertifying the Iran deal (12.10.2017, DW)

Rouhani’s Challenge to Form His New Cabinet (04.08.2017, LobeLog)

Radio Interview on outcome of Iran’s Elections (20.05.2017, BBC Newshour)

TV Interview: Iran’s Presidential Vote (18.05.2017, DW)

Radio Discussion: “Iran Voting for Change?” (12.05.2017, BBC Newshour)

Why Iran-US war of words won’t turn phyiscal (09.02.2017, Al-Monitor)

Interview: Will Rafsanjani’s Death Shake Up Iran Politics? (11.01.2017, Zenith)

2017 Uncertainties Require a New Mideast Security Structure (23.12.2016, LobeLog)

TV Interview on election of Donald Trump and the future of the Nuclear Deal (21.11.2016, CNN International)

Iran’s Regional Policy: Decision Making Process, Goals, Areas of Cooperation (October 2016, ORIENT IV)

Briefing on Iran-Iraq relations at the European Parliament in Strasbourg (11.05.2016 – EP Website)

TV Debate: Is a new political era beginning in Iran? (02.03.2016 – AlJazeera)

Why Tehran Matters so much in Iranian Politics (29.02.2016 – AlMonitor)

TV interview on occasion of Iran-Saudi Arabia visit of German Foreign Minister (05.02.2016 – DW)

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