CARPO /EWI Brief 08:
Environmental Challenges in a Conflictive Environment

The fourth meeting of CARPO and the EastWest Institute’s ‘Iran-Saudi Track 2 Initiative’ dealt with the political, social and economic risks posed by current environmental challenges to Iran and Saudi Arabia alike. The workshop brought together academics, environmental experts, security analysts and former diplomats from Iran and Saudi Arabia as well as international experts. The participants discussed environmental issues to reach a better understanding of the political context and to identify opportunities and limits for Iranian-Saudi cooperation in the field of regional environmental policy. Fully aware that the current political situation makes cooperation very difficult, participants discussed potential avenues of exchange below the level of national governments and proposed initiatives for cooperation on a regional and international level. CARPO Brief 08 summarizes key insights and recommendations derived from the conference discussions.

by Jan Hanrath and Wael Abdul-Shafi

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