Science Communication for Gender Equality and Social Cohesion in Yemen

This project aims to develop innovative (knowledge) products addressing gender (in)equality and (lack of) social cohesion in Yemen by initiating networks and cooperation between higher education institutions and non-university partners, including German and Yemeni researchers and students, civil society stakeholders and artists in the fields of science communication, gender equality and social cohesion in Yemen. It is the fourth project in an ongoing cooperation between CARPO and the Gender-Development Research & Studies Center (GDRSC) at Sana’a University, Yemen, and is funded by the German Academic Exchange Service in the framework of its Ta’ziz Partnership funding line. It builds on the flowing previous projects: ‘Enhancing Science Communication for Gender and Development’ (10/2022-12/2022), ‘Teaching and Advising on Post-conflict Reconstruction’ (05/2019-12/2021, with the University of Bonn) and ‘Peacebuilding and State Building in Yemen’ (03/2016-12/2018, with the University of Bonn).

Duration: April 2023 – December 2025

Team: Marie-Christine Heinze (contact person), Mirjam Schmidt

Partner: Gender-Development Research & Studies Center, University Sana‘a

Donor: German Academic Exchange Service