CARPO Briefs

CARPO Briefs offer concise and target group oriented analyses with clear-cut policy advice. They address decision-makers in politics, economics, and society as well as an interested public. This series focuses on specific topics and offers profound background and action-oriented knowledge.

CARPO Reports

CARPO Reports comprise policy-oriented studies. They offer in-depth analyses of specific topics, provide crucial background knowledge and end with policy recommendations for pertinent stakeholders.

CARPO Studies

CARPO Studies offer a forum for thorough historical and contextual knowledge on the modern Orient.  As an interdisciplinary and innovative series, CARPO Studies sets new impulses and opens up new perspectives for an audience interested in the region.

CARPO Sustainability Series

The CARPO Sustainability Series aims to contribute to the slowly growing but still quite marginal research on sustainability in the Middle East and North Africa. Accordingly, this series will publish analyses in the form of CARPO Briefs, Reports or Studies by academics and practitioners from various fields to provide multidisciplinary analysis on key themes of sustainability.


Further CARPO publications beyond the categories Briefs, Reports and Studies, generally resulting from project cooperations.

CARPO Podcast: Katar 2022 – Mehr als eine WM

Der CARPO Podcast “Katar 2022 – Mehr als eine WM“ wirft zusammen mit ausgewiesenen Expert:innen aus Wissenschaft, Medien, Zivilgesellschaft und Politik einen ausgewogenen Blick auf die WM – ohne zu pauschalisieren, zu verharmlosen oder schönzureden. Es werden Themen wie Arbeitsmigration, Menschenrechte und Sportpolitik sowie die Bedeutung des Fußballs für die Menschen in den Golfstaaten und in der arabischen Welt diskutiert.