Dr. Marie-Christine Heinze


Marie-Christine Heinze holds a master in Near and Middle Eastern Studies, Political Science, and International and European Law from the University of Bonn and a master in Peace and Security Studies from the University of Hamburg. Her PhD thesis on material culture and socio-political change in Yemen in the field of social anthropology at the University of Bielefeld was successfully completed in 2015. Next to the Yemen-related projects at CARPO, she currently heads an academic exchange project with the University of Sanaa on post-conflict reconstruction in Yemen at the University of Bonn, funded by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). Since 2008, she has also regularly worked as a consultant on development, peacebuilding and political change in Yemen.

Focus & topics: Yemen; political transformation; civil-military relations and security studies; historical background and collective memory; identifications and mobilization: religion, ethnicity, and gender; civil society and societal politics; conflict prevention, peacebuilding and post-conflict reconstruction


CV and Publications/Presented Papers



Selected Publications:

  • & Mareike Transfeld, Mohamed al-Iriani, Maged Sultan (April 2021): Local Security Governance in Yemen in Times of War, YPC / CARPO Policy Report. Available online.
  • & Mareike Transfeld (March 2019): Understanding Peace Requirements in Yemen. Needs and Roles for Civil Society, Women, Youth, the Media and the Private Sector, CARPO Report 06. Available online.
  • (ed.) (2018): Yemen and the Search for Stability. Power, Politics and Society After the Arab Spring. I.B. Tauris: London. Further information
  • & Sophie Stevens (July 2018): Women as Peacebuilders in Yemen, SDD / YPC. Online available.
  • (May 2018): Criminal Histories, Arrest and Prison Experiences of Women and Girls in Yemen, YPC Policy Report 05. Online available.